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2021-2025 State Cancer Plan Implementation Reporting

Have you implemented a project, plan, or other relevant work that relates to content in the state cancer plan? If so, we want to know about it! Please click here to fill out our survey to let us know what you have been working on and how it aligns with the cancer plan. This information assists with reporting and communicating progress on implementation of the cancer plan, so please tell us about all your projects and be as accurate and thorough as you are able to. 

Please note that currently the form allows you to only report one project at a time. If you have multiple projects to report, please complete the form for each one. For your convenience, each objective and strategy in the 2021-2025 State Cancer Plan are included in the survey for you to reference under each chapter. 

If you are unable to access the google form, please send an email to describing your project and the objectives and strategies that align. We'd also be happy to collect this information verbally. 

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CDOC SOGI+ Data Project

Who: CDOC Health Equity Workgroup: Workgroup leads, Drs. Shannon Kozlovich, Kimlin Ashing, and Sora Park Tanjasiri. Additional leadership by Midori Kondo, PharmD, MHA

What: Background and Overview: The CDOC Health Equity Workgroup’s first effort focuses on a project to ensure the cancer burden for sexual and gender minorities is represented through cancer surveillance data for this marginalized population. The CDOC SOGI Data Project will include several components that have been identified in order to make progress and achieve goals of the 2021-2025 Cancer Plan. The CDOC Health Equity workgroup is laying the groundwork through milestones and a 2-3-year plan. Currently, the group is creating awareness, framing specific issues, and identifying key partners to conduct a pilot with cancer centers. This work will result in publications and policy briefs to help operationalize at the state level and advocate with national leaders, and ultimately, the appropriate collection of SOGI+ data collection in the state. 

When: The project commenced in the summer of 2021. Specific milestones and dates are still being confirmed.

Where: Statewide

Cancer Plan Reference (chapter, objective, strategy, or recommendation):

Surveillance Chapter

Surveillance objective: By 2025, expand CCR data dictionary requirements of gender identity categories, establishing a statewide data standard, in alignment with national gender minority initiatives.

Cancer Related Health Disparities Chapter

Cancer and Sexual and Gender Minorities Section

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