Elizabeth Klein

Director of Development, Outreach & Community Relations

Wellness Within Cancer Support Services

Elizabeth Klein serves as the Director of Development, Outreach and Community Relations for Wellness Within Cancer Support Services, located in Roseville, CA. Wellness Within is a northern California non-profit serving the cancer community – patients, survivors, family members, and caregivers – as they navigate through the trauma of cancer with both in-person and online classes and resources that empower the cancer experience and improve quality of life. Ms. Klein is no stranger to cancer. She lost her sister to cancer in 2013 and has navigated her two of her own cancer diagnoses. At Wellness Within, Ms. Klein applies the nearly 20 years corporate management, program and project management experience gained from working at The McGraw-Hill Companies. Her role at Wellness Within is to develop collaborative partnerships with others in the cancer community across the state, leading to both sharing of resources as well as support opportunities. The goal in doing so is to improve the lives of those impacted with cancer. Ms. Klein is a mother of two boys, and when not driving her boys around to their various activities, she enjoys playing her flute, riding her horses, and walking the family German Shepherd with her husband.