L. Midori Kondo, Pharm.D., MHA

Managing Partner, Health DataVerse, Inc.

Dr. Midori Kondo, Pharm.D., MHA, is AVF & Chief Application Officer at the NCI designated, Fred Hutchison Cancer Center, where she is responsible for all clinical and business technology and digital solutions supporting comprehensive cancer care and clinical research.  Midori is a servant leader with extensive experience transforming enterprise healthcare systems and IT organizations in the delivery of high-quality, cost-effective patient care using game changing technology solutions.

She has worked programmatically with multiple Health Systems, Academic Medical Centers, and nonprofit organizations, developing clinical models and programs for underserved populations, population health management, and Comprehensive Cancer Centers; recently opening the Community Cancer Institute in Central California and has provided strategic planning and business development services for Epic-Care Partners in Comprehensive Cancer Care in the San Francisco Bay Area and Gynecologic Oncology Associates in Southern California.

Midori  served on the California Dialog on Cancer (CDOC) Cancer Control Plan Revision Committee as well as currently serves on the CDOC Executive Committee,  and is a member of the California Cancer Registry Advisory Committee.  Midori has a passion for health equity and has played an instrumental part in creating strategies in support of health equity and serves as a co-lead on the health equity committee, and more specifically on the SOGI+ subcommittee, as well as been a National speaker and advocate for Health Equity.  Over the last 3 years, Midori has served on the Board of Directors for  the Southern California HIMSS Chapter and is the current President of the Board.